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Use UIKit Dynamics with Auto Layout

Here we are ... Here at arconsis, we pride ourselves in solving technological, conceptual and user experience related challenges on a high level. That involves continuous learning and sometimes doing things that haven’t been done before. Since we’re also strong believers when it comes to sharing kno…


Engage Quality Assurance

In a recent project there was a lot of discussion how to introduce Quality Assurance (QA) into an "agile" project. One key learning from the sprint retrospectives was that more formalism and more "process" would be required to achieve the desired quality of the product. The…


Business Ethics: Code of Conduct

I had a very interesting discussion with a former collegue of mine years ago about business ethics, honesty & loyalty at work and the probable conflicts with the goals to achieve a maximum revenue, be ahead of your competitors, survive on the markt and sometimes even make the customer happy ...…


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